Aranaio Limited

About Aranaio

Aranaio is my company, John M Howitt, & usually it is just me though I have two good designers who will work with me when required. I design, develop, deploy & maintain websites mobile websites & mobile web applications, Mac widgets and Mac Apps.

As i believe that the future of computing is mobile i decided to produce this site as a mobile app.

This site is built with JQuerymobile

Contract Work

Not avaialable at the moment or the forseeable future. Working full time for an excellent copmany in Nottingham on all things Magento.

email me at
or Phone: tel:07870644487

Mac Widgets

Using html, css and javascript i created a number of Mac Widgets. I made some commercial ones, in particular a currency converter which was featured on the Apple website as widget of the week.

The widgets are available here, on the Apple website as well as other sites. Remember if you are downloading them you need to be on a compatible mac to do so

The source code is also available on github, see PurplePilot

Mobile Sites

Mobile devices, smartphones & tablets, use real browsers & so will render websites usually without modification. However the form factor of the device is different and lends itself to different navigation and different levels of data that can be exposed for a user to comprehend. Simply dropping the whole PC based site into a smartphone configuration or expecting tablet and smartphone users to use controls designed for a mouse and keyboard is short sighted and ultimately damaging

Whilst not undertaking full time contracts I would be avaiable to give advice on building mobile sites.

Mac Apps

Web based apps work very well and have a number of advantages but native iOS apps also have advantages and can use the depth of features, camera, compass, gps etc. built into the iPhone and iPad to give a much richer experience.

For corporate use apps do not have to go through the app store and can be provisioned privately

Customer facing apps of course would go through the app store which equires developer licenses , certificate provisioning and of course dealing with Apple.

Whilst not undertaking full time contracts I would be avaiable to give advice on these processes.


I maintain a blog which mainly consists of things that interest me and so is a sort of glorified set of bookmarks

diff cheat widget

download diff widget

grep cheat widget

download grep widget

rsync cheat widget

download rsync widget

sed+awk cheat widget

download sed+awk widget

Twitter API cheat widget

download twitter api widget

vi cheat widget

download vi widget

chmod cheat widget

download chmod/chown widget


For I dipt into the future, far as human eye could see,

Saw the Vision of the world, and all the wonder that would be;

Saw the heavens fill with commerce, argosies of magic sails,

Pilots of the purple twilight dropping down with costly bales;

Locksley Hall: Tennyson

Why PurplePilot? Well i needed a handle other than my name at one point and i always like the poem by Tennyson especially the bit quoted above where Tennyson seems to see modern transport, he wrote the poem in 1835. So i mangled PurplePilot out of it

I didn’t realise until later that the first couplet was used in Star Trek: Voyager

I use it on Twitter and App dot Net and a few other places.